We’re now accepting walk-ins 5 days a week, Tuesday through Saturday, first come first served starting at 10am. Interested? Read more below.

Please note - We will not have walk-in availability December 23rd, 27th, 28th or 30th.

Evan Davis accepts walk-ins on Fridays, first-come first-served, starting at 10am.

Danelle Nelms will be accepting walk-ins Tuesday - Saturday first come first served starting at 10am. Danelle is our newest artist who just completed her apprenticeship with us and will be assisting us with walk-ins. Please note that as she gains more experience she’ll only be accepting ideas within her comfort zone and tattooing certain areas on the body. If you’d like to see if your idea is a good fit for Danelle you’re welcome to email us prior to coming in so we can discuss in detail. Danelle also has designs to chose from which can be viewed here along with examples of her tattoos.

If you have any questions regarding walk-ins or appointments, please reach out to us directly.