Promocalypse 2012 April 28th!

If you’re in the area, make plans to attend Promocalypse 2012 April 28th at Cannery Ballroom. For far too long, social events have unfairly excluded Zombiekind. If you are one of the reanimated dead, or are in a relationship with one, there is no reason to hide in the dark any longer! If you are a living human who is sympathetic to the cause of Reanimated Rights, or have ever been Zombie-curious, you are also welcome to join this historic event. For one night, let’s put our differences aside, dance, and have fun!

It’s a prom! Dancing, DJs, balloons, streamers, the works. The only difference is that you don’t have to sneak out to the parking lot to drink (as long as you’re 21 & up). Oh, and the zombies. Cities across the world have hosted Zombie Walks, Zombie Crawls, and Zombie Proms. It’s your chance to get creative with makeup and costume to become a zombie for one night, and join the horde of the walking dead to terrorize the living. The fun starts in Nashville’s Cannery Ballroom at 9pm, Saturday April 28th. Be sure to RSVP on the Facebook Official Event Page so you don’t miss out!

Do I have to be a zombie to come?
No! Living humans are welcome. If you are a zombie dating a human, or a human dating a zombie, or a human looking for a zombie to complete (and/or eat) you, come and dance the night away! (18+ to party, 21+ to drink, of course.)

Our online ticket presales are now over! This week you can still buy pre-sale tickets for $10 at Black 13 Tattoo Parlor in Cummins Station (209 10th Ave. S, Suite 218). You’ll get a cool commemorative ticket, save a few bucks, and if you go for one of our packages, you’ll get a great deal on a limited edition PROMocalypse 11x17 poster that you won’t be able to buy anywhere else! If you’re planning on paying at the door, remember the dress code (and your I.D.!)
How should I look?
Come dressed for prom: Suits or tuxes for guys, dresses or gowns for ladies. Whether you are a human or a zombie, prom attire is MANDATORY—you will not be allowed in if you’re not dressed appropriately (even if you already have a ticket). YES, WE’RE SERIOUS. The dress code is in place so we can have fun and enjoy the theme. You can be a regular, delicious human or a totally rotten zombie hellbent on brains—or anything in between, as long as you’re dressed for prom.

Check out the site for more info.

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