We’d like to send a huge thanks to everyone that supported LIVE 2016. We were able to raise just over $15,000 in tattoos and tips alone making this a record year for the 4th annual event. Thanks again for supporting something that means a lot to us!

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LIVE \‘liv\ v: To pursue a positive, satisfying existence; to enjoy life.

We are set to host our fourth annual LIVE event on Saturday November 5th, 2016. LIVE is a family friendly event based around the arts to support those in need. In our previous years, we’ve centered the event around those living with cancer. This year, we experienced a great loss, as one of our long time artists and close friend, Steve Martin, suddenly passed away. He left behind his beloved wife and five children and a huge void in our shop. This year, we’ve chosen to honor his legacy, by raising money to go into a fund for his children, which we are calling the Steve Martin Fund.

For the fourth year in a row, we will host the LIVE event in Cummins Station. From Noon to 9pm, Black 13 artists will tattoo pre-designed art at set prices on a first come, first served basis with one hundred percent of the proceeds going into the Steve Martin Fund. We’ve been fortunate enough to raise over $40,000 in the past three years and we’re looking forward to, at the very least, meeting our highest record of $15,000 reached in 2015. Along with tattooing, we will have a silent auction with some items available to be bid on online. Steve’s passing left a huge hole, not just in our shop as an artist, but in our lives as a friend. We would like to give back to his family for all the years, friendship, laughs, and good memories he gave to us.

We will have an online auction featuring artwork from artists around the country in support of LIVE 2016. Starting at Noon we will post artwork with a starting bid on our Instagram account and you will be able to place your bid online. Whoever has the highest bid by 9pm central time wins! We will confirm the winners in the comment section of the photos and we ask to receive payment no later than Nov 15th via check mailed to Black 13 Tattoo. Delivery info will be stated in each post. Artwork will be on display at the LIVE event.

If you’d like to make a donation. Please send a check made payable to the “Steve Martin Memorial Trust” to Black 13 Tattoo, or you’re welcome to drop it off. We’re hoping to have all donations in hand by November 15th.

Black 13 Tattoo Parlor is located in historic Cummins Station, 209 10th Avenue South. More information about the event and Black 13 can be found at Flash sheets will be posted prior to the event on our Facebook page and Instagram account. To receive updates, follow our Facebook event page.