UPDATED - Jon Ragoe New Client Info

Starting April 12th Jon will be changing from once a month appointment requests to daily appointment requests. With this new system we’ll provide a wait list number for clients who have been provided a cost and time estimate and we’ll offer appointment availability in order based on your number. Jon books in one month blocks so for example May 1st we’ll open June, June 1st will open July, etc. We’ll work from the new client wait list at the start of each month to fill the upcoming openings. If you’re reaching out in April we are estimating booking availability starting in July with our current client load. PLEASE NOTE - if you’re an existing client and you’ve already been given a cost and time estimate, you can call anytime between the 25th and the 1st of each month to get priority booking options. Jon is currently accepting appointment requests for realism and illustrated realism focusing on ideas that allow him creative freedom based around a clients general idea. For examples of Jon’s work and approach please take a look here.

To submit a booking request with Jon, please fill out our appointment request form here.