Appointment requests for Cole Armstrong

Cole Armstrong will be accepting new client requests starting November 9th at Noon via our online booking form.

How does it work? Starting November 9th at Noon you’ll be able to request an appointment with Cole through our online booking form. We’ll be accepting a limited number of appointment requests and once we’ve reached this number we’ll close his booking requests for the time being. As we receive requests we’ll follow up to get any additional information needed and ultimately provide feedback from Cole. Once an idea is approved we’ll add that client to our waitlist and reach out directly for scheduling once we make it to their spot on the list.

- Please note - we’re currently wrapping up an existing waitlist for Cole and this next batch of openings will be scheduled sometime in 2023. Due to the amount of requests we’ll receive on November 9th we ask that you allow additional time for a follow up between emails.

Why only accept a limited number of clients? - Our goal is to accept new client requests for Cole two to three times a year. By accepting a limited number we’re able to keep our overall wait list down and work through it more efficiently with as little wait time as possible.

What happens if I’m unable to submit a request? - Once we receive our max number of requests we’ll have it noted on our online booking form and we won’t be able to accept additional requests at this time. We’ll keep updates posted on our website to let you know when Cole will be accepting new client requests in the future.

General Info - Cole bases off an hourly rate of $200 an hour and has a four hour minimum. Once we are able to schedule a client we’ll require a $100 non-refundable deposit to set up and hold the appointment date.